Best webdesign company in johannesburg


A good Web Design Company can deliver the most powerful and effective marketing strategy or message for your business online. Our Web Design Company services are tailored to meet your needs, including budget, website browsing and website reliability.
Websites should push customers to action and make it super easy to find and request information. What impression is your online presence creating? Don’t skimp on what matters…
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Mobile Application in south africa


Mobile application development in South Africa is a relatively new concept. An iPhone application is, essentially, a rich client front-end installed from the AppStore and run on the iPhone handset optionally connected via the built-in WiFi or cellular 3G connection to a suite of services hosted by the application developer on the Internet. Go Life Mobile delivers reliable, scalable, and cost-effective compute and storage resources on which to host the services for your mobile application. Read More


Graphic Design Services

Elancer Pty Ltd , in addition to all our online design services, offer basic graphic and print designs.
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Monthly Website Maintenance Packages


Website maintenance can be a time consuming and labour intensive exercise. Despite this, it is of utmost importance to regularly update your website and add fresh content, especially since the new Google Panda algorithm gives preference to sites that are regularly updating their content. Because this poses such an enormous SEO benefit, your company cannot afford to let your website become outdated.

If you are busy running a business full time, it is often impossible for you to find the time to commit to proper website maintenance. It is also possible that you simply do not possess the programming skills needed to perform complex updates. This is Elancer Pty Ltd offers a complete website maintenance solution for your company.

Ecommerce, the Most Convenient Way to Run a Store

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Only a few short years ago, ecommerce was still seen as something of a novelty. People had serious doubts about the safety of buying products online, and many were reluctant to divulge their credit card details. The truth is that shopping online is no longer a novelty, and it has become the main source of revenue for thousands of companies. It is predicted that global business to customer Ecommerce sales will hit $1.5 trillion in 2014, and will rise to over $2.3 trillion by 2017.ReadMore